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2100 (UNS A92011) screw machine stock is the best machining aluminum bar stock. Fine chips mean faster feeds and longer tool life/ Mashines to an exellent finish - has good strength, average formability. QQ-A-225/3 and ASTM B-211.

2014 - Jnt of the strongest of heat-tretable alloys, 2014 is used in heavy duty applications. Machinability is good to excelent when high rakes and clearances, adequate coolant, sharp tools, fast speeds, and light-to-medium cuts and feeds are employed. Machined surfaces are very smooth. Weldability is good with arc and resistance methods. Corrosion resistance is fair. This is the most widely used forging alloy.

2017 (UNS A92017) scew machine stock has machinability approaching 2011. Particularly suitable for deep drilling operations anf parts requiring clean, bright finishes. Formability and corrosion resistance are good. Strength is approx. the same as 2011. Conforms to QQ-A-225/5 and ASTM B-211.

2024 (UNS A920924) screw machine stock is slightly more difficult to machine than 2011 or 2017, but has enough strength for aircraft fittings, bolts, fastening devices. QQ-A-225/6 and ASTM B-211.

6061 (UNS A96061) is one of the most versatile screw machine alloys with good strength, workability, corrosion resistance and ease of joining. Less machineable than 2000 series. Cold finished rounds and hexes comform to QQ-A-225/8 and ASTM B-211. Extruded rounds, squares and rectangles to QQ-A-200/8 and ASMT B-211. Most extruded round items are specially ordered to restricted diameter tolerances for ready use in screw machines.

6063 extruded (UNS A96063) for archtectural and ornamental applications. Highly corrosion resistant, with good formability, it is one of the most joinable alloys. Finish is pleasing and is the most suitable for anodizing. Conforms to QQ-A-200/9 and ASTM B-211.

6262 (UNS A96262) screw machine stock in T9 temper offers more strength and machinability than 6061. Comes closest to machining characteristics os 2011 yet retains the joining characteristics os 6061. Cold finished conforms to QQ-A-225/10 & ASTM B-211. Extruded to QQ-A-200/10 & ASTM B-211.

7075 (UNS A97075) provides the greatest strength available in aluminum bar. Widely used in aircraft applications where light weigth plus strength are required. Conforms to QQ-A-225/9 and ASTM B-211.

5086 etruded (UNS A95086) used in marine industry. Offers resistance to stress corrosion and superior resistence to atmospheric corrosion, plus good formability and strength. Conform to QQ-A-200/5 and ASTM B-211.

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